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Return Migration to Afghanistan: Moving Back or Moving Forward?: 2016

Van Houte, Marieke

978 3 319 40774 6
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Publication date:
20 February 2017

Full description: 

This book overcomes the dichotomies, generalizations and empirical shortcomings that surround the understanding of return migration within the migration-development-peace-building nexus. Using the concept of multidimensional embeddedness, it provides an encompassing view of returnees' identification with and participation in one or multiple spaces of belonging. It introduces Afghan return migration from Europe as a relevant case study, since the country's protracted history of conflict and migration shows how the globally changing political discourses of recent decades have shaped migration strategies. The author's findings highlight the fact that policy is responding inadequately to complex issues of migration, conflict, development and return, since the expectations on which it is based only account for a small minority of returnees. This thought-provoking book will appeal to scholars of migration and refugee studies, as well as a wider audience of sociologists, anthropologists, demographers and policy makers.

Table of contents: 

Chapter 1. Introduction.- Chapter 2. Afghanistan.- Chapter 3. Meanings of and motivations for return.- Chapter 4. The hierarchization of migration.- Chapter 5. Love (n)or marriage.- Chapter 6. Returnees for change?.- Chapter 7. Conclusion.


Marieke van Houte is Marie Curie Research Fellow at the International Migration Institute, University of Oxford, UK.




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