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Risk and Food Safety in China and Japan: Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Insights

Augustin-Jean, Louis
Poulain, Jean Pierre

978 1 351 71446 4
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Publication date:
30 September 2018

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Despite the multiplication of crises in recent years, food has probably never been safer. However, periodic crises have aroused consumer anxiety and contributed to a general lack of confidence in the agro-industrial system. Furthermore, their diverse nature implies that they are difficult to predict and for governments and industry to tackle. Risk and Food in China and Japan reframes the relationship between risk and food. Part one examines the interaction between theoretical aspects and decision-making. The book theorises the links between food and risk and analyses the decision-making process in light of risks and governance. The relationship between food risks, governance systems, and economic decisions is assessed in order to explore ideas such as the pact of nutrition and the theory of weak signals. Part two examines case studies from China and Japan in light of recent crises such as the milk powder scandal in China and food safety following the Fukushima nuclear accident and tsunami in Japan. This book will be an important resource for scholars, academics and policy-makers in the areas of sociology, economics, food studies, Chinese studies and Japanese studies and theories of risks and safety.

Table of contents: 

Introduction Part 1: Theoretical and Regulatory Framework Beyond weak signals: Sociology of Food Risks and Concerns Jean-Pierre Poulain Application of Food Risk Analysis to Support Robust Food Regulatory Decisions: An Opportunity for Collaborative Efforts in the Asia-Pacific Region Samuel Godefroy Is the Perception of Risks by Food Consumers Irrational? Insights from the Concept of the Pact of Nutrition Florent Champy Governance of Food Crises: A Problem instead of a Solution? Vincent Simoulin Revisiting Frank Knight: Risks and Uncertainties in the context of Food Safety in China and Japan Louis Augustin-Jean Part 2: Perspectives from China and Japan Essential Elements for Interactive Risk Communication in the Food-related Emergency Niyama Yoko Private-public Complementary Relationship about Catastrophic Risk Management in Egg Production and Marketing in Japan Yamaguchi Michitoshi Food Risks? What Food Risks? - Gaps between Perception and Performance in Chinese Food Consumption Practice David Kurt Herold Ensuring supply of consumption-safe vegetables among China's domestic consumers KE Jinghan Managing Time, Marketising Trust: How Occupational Background Shapes the Food Risk Coping Strategies of Chinese Middle Class Eva P.W. Hung and Chen Hon-Fai Conclusion


Louis Augustin-Jean is a Visiting Scholar at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Jean-Pierre Poulain is Professor at Toulouse University Jean Jaures, France.



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