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Social History of Railways in Colonial India, 1850-1920, A: Imperial Technology and Native Agency

Mukhopadhyay, Aparajita (Salisbury University, USA)

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27 March 2018

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This book examines the impact of railways on colonial Indian society in the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century. It contributes to the wider debates on how far technology can propel social change, regardless of the political context of transmission. The author finds that the impact of railways was not as radical as is sometimes painted.

Table of contents: 

1.A train to modernity? Railways and social change in colonial India 2. On right time? Railway Time, Travel Discipline and Railway Operations 3. Ticket to modernity? Ticketing regulations and Travel Discipline 4. Contestation and Competition: Railways and transformation of social spaces 5. To eat or not to eat? Railway commensality and social change 6. Criminal Mobility: Railway crimes and contestation of space 7. Trails of Travel: Changing contours of railway journeys 8. A nation on the move? Railway travel and conceptualisations of space 9. Living together separately: Railway travel and identity 10. All aboard the train? Re-imagining technology and progress


Aparajita Mukhopadhyay is Assistant Professor of South Asian History, Salisbury University, Maryland, USA.




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