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Social Sustainability and Social Work Practice in Asia and the Pacific Rim

Chi, Iris

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Publication date:
8 January 2018

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The rapid trend of globalization has brought a variety of sustainability challenges, including global climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, and social inequalities, which are problems with unclear boundaries, complicated interrelated components, undefined parameters, contradictory values, and no single solution. Social work has a long-standing tradition of emphasizing the interaction of people and their environment. For this reason, the field of social work is one of the best-placed academic disciplines for studying the impact of environmental change on social systems, and should play an important role in developing strategies for mitigating and adapting to these environmental challenges. However, traditional social work tends to lack sustaining work and neglect globally interconnected social problems. Combining case studies and country reports from around Asia and the Pacific Rim with a theoretical framework for understanding sustainability concerns, this book aims to show how social work can play a valuable role in mitigating and adapting to environmental challenges and social sustainability. For social work to develop to be a meaning and viable profession that addresses contemporary sustainability issues, it requires changes and transformation in paradigm, theories, strategies, social policy and social services that will facilitate a sustainable future for all mankind.

Table of contents: 

Part 1: Theory and Concepts of Social Sustainability and Social Work 1. Social Work and Sustainable Development: An Overview [CHI Iris, CHONG M. L. Alice, & NG Ting Kin] 2. Neoliberalism and Globalization: Trends Shaping Sustainable Social Work Practice [HOLOSKO, Michael] 3. Social Responses to Environmental Challenges [PALINKAS, Lawrence A. & WONG Marleen] 4. Operationalizing and Measuring Social Sustainability: Current Efforts and Future Directions [OHMER Mary L.] Part 2: Practice and Case Studies 5. Tzu Chi Recycling Project in Taiwan [HSIAO Hsin-Yi & HSIAO Suh-Chen] 6. Food Recyling Project in Hong Kong [AU, Elaine] 7. Disaster Response in Japan [LAI, On-Kwok] 8. Uneven Social Vulnerabilities to Floods in Bangkok [MARKS Marks] 9. Rebuilding Communities in the Philippines through Empowerment and Innovation [ENRILE Annalisa] Part 3: Conclusion 10. Preparing Social workers to Advance Social Sustainability: Transforming social work education [OHMER Mary L.] 11. Leadership and Sustainable Development in the Future [CHI Iris & CHONG M. L. Alice]




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