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Soft Power and the Worldwide Promotion of Chinese Language Learning: The Confucius Institute Project

Gil, Jeffrey

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Publication date:
11 May 2017

Short description: 

This book evaluates China's attempts to exert soft power through the Confucius Institutes and other language-related activities. Although these have enhanced Chinese language learning and teaching, they have not necessarily improved China's standing on the global stage. The author examines the reasons for this and its implications.

Full description: 

`The Confucius Institute Project' - consisting of Confucius Institutes and Classrooms, the posting of Chinese language teachers to overseas schools and universities and the Chinese Bridge language competition - represents an attempt by China to extend its influence globally through the use of soft power. Facilitated by a rapidly increasing demand for Chinese language learning, it has established a presence across the globe and made valuable contributions to the learning and teaching of Chinese. However, this has not necessarily led to an increasingly positive view of China, either at a political or a societal level. Through an analysis of official documents, interviews with those involved, a survey of Chinese-language learners and a study of academic and media sources, the author evaluates the aims of the project, and discusses whether these aims are being met.

Table of contents: 

Tables Conventions for Chinese Terms and Chinese Names Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Introduction: Language, Culture and China's Rise in a Globalising World Chapter 2: Chinese Culture Goes Global: Soft Power and the Promotion of Chinese Language Learning Chapter 3: Mapping the Confucius Institute Project: High Extensity, Intensity and Velocity Chapter 4: Evaluating the Confucius Institute Project: Impact at the State-to-State Level Chapter 5: Evaluating the Confucius Institute Project: Impact at the Society-to-Society Level Chapter 6: Conclusions and Implications References Interviews Index


Jeffrey Gil is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics, Flinders University, Australia. His research interests include Chinese foreign policy and Chinese as a foreign language.




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