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State and Society in British India: Institutional Development and the Imperial Legacy

Niaz, Ilhan

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Publication date:
30 August 2017

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A unique analytical history of institutional development during British rule in South Asia, to explain the underlying nature of that rule and the impact of imperial legacy 70 years after Partition.

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In August 2017 India and Pakistan celebrated the seventieth anniversary of their independence from British imperial rule. Yet in spite of the core institutional developments introduced by the British Raj, such as functional local governments, judicial autonomy and private property rights, India and Pakistan are, today, very different states. To shed light onto this, Ilhan Niaz here explores British imperial rule through the lens of the institutions it helped to erect, and the ways in which the development of these have shaped Pakistan and India's political landscape ever since. Niaz demonstrates that both India's constitutional democracy and Pakistan's unstable democratic system have their roots in the state organisations - the military, the civil service, the judiciary and education - that evolved under British rule, and that the impact of the Raj will continue to shape India and Pakistan's future prosperity for the foreseeable future. Niaz revisits a wide range of official archival documents, memoranda and reports, to present a fresh structural analysis of contemporary problems of governance in South Asia. This detailed re-examination of the Raj is an important and useful resource for students, researchers and academics of South Asian politics and imperial history.

Table of contents: 

The Wars of Timurid Imperial SuccessionSoldiers of the Empire: The Evolution of the British Indian MilitaryThe New Mansabdars: Civilian Bureaucracy and Meritocracy in British IndiaOrder for All: The British Indian Police ApparatusJustice for Some: The Judiciary and Implementation of the Rule of LawEnlightenment for a Few: Selective Assimilation, Metropolitan Centers, and Education PolicyCollaborators, Reformers, and Rebels: Responses to the Empire


Ilhan Niaz is an assistant professor of history at the Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan. He is the author of Old World Empires: Cultures of Power and Governance in Eurasia (2014) and The Culture of Power and Governance in Pakistan, 1948-2008 (2010), for which he won the inaugural Karachi Literature Festival Award for best non-fiction book in English.




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