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Textbook of Oriental Management

Su, Dongshui
So, Chung Wai

978 981 4412 99 5
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Publication date:
28 February 2018

Full description: 

This is the first textbook of a systematic study of oriental management. Oriental management is a modern management science with research focus on theories and practices of both ancient and modern management in East Asia. It is a new subject mainly based on the theoretical essence and practical cases of Chinese management, and supplemented with western management and overseas Chinese management. It has three core values , namely putting people in the first place, regarding morality as priority, conducting oneself in the service of others . Oriental management has gone through three stages during the past 35 years: first stage saw the application of ancient theories to modern practice, the application of western theories to Chinese practice and their synthesis; the second stage was a period of theoretical innovation, when the idea of the three core values was holistically presented and the school of oriental management was set up; the third stage was a period of enhancing influence and developing the school, from undergraduate up to doctoral level. The book discusses the differences between western management and oriental management. Management is both an art and a science. Eastern management exhibits more of the former while Western management exhibits more of the latter. Oriental management aims to combine the positive features of both approaches.

Table of contents: 

Theoretical Construction of Oriental Management; Origination and Development of Oriental Management; Chinese Management; Western Management; Overseas Chinese Businessmen Management; People First; Morality Priority; Conduct and Serve; State Governance; Business Governance; Family Governance; Self Governance; Conduct of People-Oriented Philosophy; Conduct of Management Psychology; Conduct of Social Connections; Conduct of Strategic Thinking and Planning; Conduct of Talents Management; Harmony; Peace; Cooperation.



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