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Towards Industrial Democracy: Europe, Japan and the United States

Roberts, Benjamin Charles

978 1 351 36061 6
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Publication date:
22 September 2017

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This study, first published in 1979, analysed the international trend towards industrial democracy in the industrial relations practices in Europe, Japan and the United States. The development of industrial democracy was occurring through the establishment of employee and union participation on boards of directors and, at the shop floor level, in the extension of the role and power of works councils. In other countries the main development was through collective bargaining methods on labor-management relations and management decision-making. The authors examine various countries and explore any highlights, lessons and ideas that might be transferable from one political and social context to another.

Table of contents: 

Tables and Figures; Foreword Martin J. Hillenbrand; Introduction B. C. Roberts; 1. Federal Republic of Germany H. W. Hetzler and Gerd Schienstock 2. France J. D. Reynaud 3. Italy T. Treu 4. The Netherlands W. Albeda 5. Sweden N. Elvander 6. United Kingdom B. C. Roberts 7. Japan H. Okamoto 8. United States of America G. Lodge and Karen Henderson; Index




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