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Trafficking Women in Korea: Filipina migrant entertainers

Yea, Sallie (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

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Publication date:
3 January 2018

Full description: 

Based on in-depth ethnographic work, this book presents a study of Filipinas trafficked to South Korea, focusing on women who entered South Korea as migrant entertainers and subsequently became deployed in exploitative work environments around US military bases there. It contributes to the extension of our knowledge about human trafficking in the Asian region through an exploration of the experiences of more than 100 women who took part in the study. The book challenges many of the accepted understandings about trafficking victims and unravels the implications of these narrow understandings for the women themselves. It explores the ways women negotiate trafficking largely outside of the emerging formal anti-trafficking framework, and explains how new community formations and social networks emerge crafted by the women themselves to manage and overcome their vulnerabilities in migration.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. `Sex Trafficking' Comes to Korea's Gijich'on 3. The Labour of Trafficking 4. Health and Trafficking 5. Romancing (in) the Club 6. Running to the Future 7. Anti-Trafficking by Entertainers and NGOs 8. Home is where the Hurt is 9. Conclusion


Sallie Yea is Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Science Education at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.




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