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Translating Foreign Otherness: Cross-Cultural Anxiety in Modern China

Sun, Yifeng

978 1 351 74084 5
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Publication date:
1 September 2017

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This book explores the deep-rooted anxiety about foreign otherness manifest through translation in modern China in its endeavours to engage in cross-cultural exchanges. It offers to theorize and contextualize a related range of issues concerning translation practice in response to foreign otherness. The book also introduces new vistas to some of the under-explored aspects of translation practice concerning ideology and cultural politics from the late Qing dynasty to the present day. Largely as a result of translation, ethnocentric beliefs and feelings have given way to a more open and liberal way to approach and appropriate foreign otherness. However, the fear of Westernization, seen as a threat to Chinese cultural integrity and social stability, is still shown sporadically through the state's ideological control over translation. The book interprets, questions and reformulates a number of the key theoretical issues in Translation Studies and also demonstrates their ramifications in a bid to shed light on Chinese translation practice.

Table of contents: 

Introduction 1. Translation and Cross-Cultural Anxiety 2. Authenticating Translation 3. Diaspora and Foreignizing Translation 4. (Un)translatability and Readability 5. Violence and Translation Discourse 6. Opening the Cultural Mind 7. Attitudes, Feelings and Affective Interactions 8. Translation in the Age of Glocalization. Conclusion


Yifeng Sun is Professor of Translation Studies, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Director of the Centre for Humanities Research at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. He is also Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland and Adjunct Chair Professor at Jinan University, China.



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