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Urbanization in Vietnam

Bousquet, Gisele (University of California Extension, Berkeley, USA)

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Publication date:
3 January 2018

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Most studies on urbanisation focus on the move of rural people to cities and the impact this has, both on the cities to which the people have moved, and on the rural communities they have left. This book, on the other hand, considers the impact on rural communities of the physical expansion of cities. Based on extensive original research over a long period in one settlement, a rural commune which over the course of the last two decades has become engulfed by Hanoi's urban spread, the book explores what happens when village people become urbanites or city dwellers - when agriculture is abandoned, population density rises, the value of land increases, people have to make a living in the city, and the dynamics of family life, including gender relations, are profoundly altered. This book charts these developments over time, and sets urbanisation in Vietnam in the wider context of urbanisation in Southeast Asia and Asia more generally.

Table of contents: 

Introduction 1. Urban Spatial Reconfiguration 2. Land Tenure, Property Rights, and Urban Development 3. Farming at the Edge of the City 4. Making a Living in the City 5. The Urban Village 6. Gender Relations in the New Urban Landscape Conclusion


Gisele Bousquet is a Lecturer in the University of California Extension, Berkeley, California State University East Bay, and the College of Alameda, USA




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