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US-China Relations: Perilous Past, Uncertain Present

Sutter, Robert G.

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Publication date:
7 December 2017

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This comprehensive and balanced assessment of the historical and contemporary determinants of Sino-American relations, now updated through 2017, explains the conflicted engagement between the two governments. Offering a welcome richness of discussion and analysis, Sutter explores the twists and turns of the relationship over the past 200 years.

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This comprehensive assessment of historical and contemporary determinants of Sino-American relations has been brought up to date with full treatment of rising tensions over salient differences since the ascendance of China's dynamic leader Xi Jinping (2012- ). Incoming President Barack Obama (2009-2017) was pressured by China; he responded with his signature rebalance policy of greater US engagement throughout China's periphery. Reacting negatively, Xi Jinping used coercive means and other initiatives to advance at the expense of the United States. Widespread American disappointment prompted calls for tougher actions, and now President Donald Trump's absence of a coherent strategy has added to uncertainty looking forward. Tracing the broad history of the usually conflicted Sino-American engagement, distinguished analyst Robert G. Sutter convincingly shows that strong differences and mutual suspicions persist, only partly overridden by mutual pragmatism that shifts with circumstances. Sutter judiciously considers key domestic and international factors determining the evolution and status of the relationship. As the only book on the subject that combines a unified assessment of the historical evolution, contemporary status, and likely prospects of US-Chinese relations, this balanced and pragmatic study will be an essential resource for all concerned with the globe's most crucial bilateral partnership.

Table of contents: 

Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Patterns of US-China Relations Prior to World War II Chapter 3: Relations during World War II, Civil War, Cold War Chapter 4: Rapprochement and Normalization Chapter 5: Tiananmen, Taiwan, and Post-Cold War Realities, 1989-2000 Chapter 6: Pragmatism amid Differences during the George W. Bush Administration Chapter 7: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Xi Jinping: Pragmatism Falters amid Acrimony and Tensions Chapter 8: Security Issues in Contemporary US-China Relations Chapter 9: Economic and Environmental Issues in Contemporary US-China Relations Chapter 10: Taiwan and East Asian Maritime Disputes in Contemporary US-China Relations Chapter 11: Issues of Human Rights in Contemporary US-China Relations Chapter 12: Outlook Notes Selected Bibliography Index


Robert G. Sutter is professor of practice of international affairs at the Elliott School of George Washington University.




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