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Uzbekistan - Culture Smart! The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

Ulko, Alex

978 1 85733 852 2
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9.99 GBP

Publication date:
9 February 2017

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Uzbekistan is a land of paradoxes, both enjoyable and surprising for foreign visitors. One of the ex-Soviet Asian republics, it is located in the center of what the British writer Colin Thubron called the Lost Heart of Asia, a country of deserts, mountains, picturesque oases, green and clean cities, and hospitable people. One of the least-traveled-to tourist destinations in the world, Uzbekistan is famous for its fabulous architectural monuments and the exotic spirit of the Great Silk Road, the ancient trade route connecting East and West, which has left its stamp almost everywhere. At the same time, it is a country of tight government control a legacy of the Soviet Union and the response to a difficult political context. The Uzbek variety of a post-socialist society combines traditional, Soviet, and modern cultures in a unique and exciting mix.




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