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Violence and the Quest for Justice in South Asia

Mehta, Deepak
Roy, Rahul

978 93 5280 653 9
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Publication date:
7 March 2018

Short description: 

A volume of essays on how justice has been denied in various parts of South Asia - India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal.

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A first of its kind, this timely volume provides a series of case studies from South Asia that detail the quest for justice, the links that can be drawn from different countries in the region and the points of contact and divergences in the enunciation and practice of law. A second theme that runs through the book discusses the corrosive and affective power of violence in its ability to forge new solidary groups and communities. This is the first serious attempt by activists and scholars to think of South Asia as a region bound together through war and collective violence. It will be an invaluable read for postgraduate students and scholars of law and society, political philosophy, sociology and anthropology of violence, history and memory as well as political activists and government departments.

Table of contents: 

IntroductionSection One: War, Justice and RemembranceWar Crimes, Justice and the Politics of Memory - Bina D'CostaThe Limits of `Doing' Justice: Compensation as Reparation in Post-War Sri Lanka - Neloufer de Mel and Chulani Kodikara Justice After the Event: Sri Lanka's Civil Wars, Memory, Life and Reconciliation - Pradeep JeganathanSection Two: Damage, Compensation and RedressThe Right to Life and Compensation in Pakistan's Tribal Areas - Saba Gul Khattak Seeking Justice and Keeping the Memory Alive - Leki Thungon Section Three: Endemic Conflict and the War withinStand up and Be Counted: Elections, Democracy and the Pursuit of Justice in Jammu and Kashmir - Sanjay Kak The Adivasi Undertrial, A Prisoner Of War: A Study of Undertrial Detainees in South Chhattisgarh - Vrinda Grover The Ayodhya Dispute: Law's Imagination and the Functions of the Status Quo - Deepak MehtaConstitutional Nationalism and Structural Violence: A Study of the Muluki Ain and the Constitutions of Nepal - Sanjeev Uprety and Bal Bahadur Thapa




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