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Way of Harmony: Portraits from Bhutan

Heath, A. J.

978 1 9997475 0 3
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Publication date:
9 November 2017

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In 2015, documentary photographer AJ Heath travelled to Bhutan. Making it his home for a year, he gained unrivalled access to an enchanting country juggling the weight of tradition with the onslaught of modern life. In order to understand better a nation where happiness is famously prioritised and prescribed by the government as part of the Gross National Happiness initiative, he set up an outside studio in the capital city and invited the general public to be photographed. Way of Harmony is a collection of stunning portraits from this mystical mountainous kingdom, alongside illuminating and touching Facebook conversations between Heath and his subjects, which reveal their personal quests for happiness and unique perceptions of this fascinating nation.

Way of Harmony captures a precise moment of transition in this most beguiling country.




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