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West Asia in a Changing World: The Emerging Regional Architecture and India

Pradhan, Bansidhar

978 93 327 0412 1
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1 January 2018

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Organised in to seven thematic sections, this volume reflect the wide range of issues facing West Asia, and provides the perspectives of Indian scholars engaged in studying the region. The volume will be useful for general readers, experts, and policy makers interested in understanding the fast changing developments in West Asia and its impact on India-West Asia relations.

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The global context in the last few decades, particularly after 11 September 2001, has changed phenomenally, affecting every aspect of international relations. West Asia, being a strategically important region, has been greatly affected by these changes. At the same time, the developments within the region have also shaped the broader dynamics of international relations and politics. It is from this two-way process that one can see the emergence of a new regional architecture in West Asia. The broad features of this architecture include the demand for a new `social contract' between the autocratic regimes and the hitherto suppressed people subsequent to the popular uprisings across the Arab world, the discourse on Islam and democracy, the ISIS phenomenon, the devastating and brutal civil war in Syria, the strategic rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran for regional leadership, the new direction which the unresolved Palestine question is taking and its implications for Israel itself, the declining oil revenue, the changing pattern of involvement of external powers, etc. The emerging regional order in West Asia also poses many challenges for India which has huge stakes in the region stemming from the multi-dimensional engagement between the two. The chapters contained in this volume, organised through seven thematic sections, reflect these wide range of issues and also provide perspectives of Indian scholars engaged in studying the West Asian region. The volume would be useful for general readers, experts and policy makers interested in understanding the fast changing developments in West Asia and its impact on India-West Asia relations.


Bansidhar Pradhan is Professor at the Centre for West Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is the author of From Confrontation to Hostile Intimacy: The PLO and the US; Shuttle Diplomacy and the Palestine Question; and Dynamics of Conflict and Peace in West Asia. He has contributed many articles to edited volumes and refereed journals like International Studies. He specialises in Palestinian National Movement, politics and foreign policy of the Fertile Crescent Countries, terrorism, Israel-Palestine conflict, and India-West Asia relations. He has served as Editor of International Studies (Sage, India) for nearly a decade. He was a regular commentator on West Asian affairs in the External Services Division of All India Radio.




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