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Whispers of War: An Afghan Freedom Fighter's Account of the Soviet Invasion

Khalili, Masood

978 93 86062 77 2
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Publication date:
20 March 2017

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An account of the search for ever-elusive peace by a war-torn country and its people.

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Visit the Book site for more information Whispers of War: An Afghan Freedom Fighter's Account of the Soviet Invasion is the real-life tale of a young political leader, Masood Khalili. Son of Ustad Khalilullah Khalili, the great Afghan poet, he motivated his people and led them in their fight against the `Red Army'. Alongside his friend Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, Khalili traveled by foot, on horseback and on donkey, sharing the tales of pain, despair, and despondence of his countrymen and women. In letters to his beloved wife Sohaillah, he writes of his journey through the Himalayan range, accompanied by a team of foreign journalists. The book is an account of the search for ever elusive peace in a country ravaged by war - a war that changed the landscape of the country and the fabric of its society.

Table of contents: 

Foreword by Gary C. SchroenNote from the TranslatorIntroductionFirst Steps, Long Journey AheadNo Journey Goes as Planned-On the Way at LastHome Is Home-Nooristan AwaitsEagles Soar HigherGrandfather's Castle-Kantiwa, Heart of NooristanKing of the Passes-Kantiwa PassGoodbye Nooristan-Welcome PanjshirA King's Wrath, Tears in Herat, and a Royal WeddingCrossing the Hindu Kush Range-Wheel of the SkyPoor Jeep, Poor Donkey, Poor SurgeryLittle Saleha: Onward to the CommanderCommander MassoudBattle PreparationsCelebration before the BattleBattle of the GarrisonOnward to Badakhshan, Cradle of Old CultureAfghan Steel FactoryBack on Rocky Track-Village JusticeExorcism, Sufis, and a Royal HuntYellow Pass: A Lonely ClimberBack to Nooristan and Unacceptable LoveBack to KantiwaThe Killer Kunar RiverEpilogueIndex


The son of a renowned Afghan poet, Khalilullah Khalili, Masood Khalili is the current ambassador of Afghanistan to Spain and former ambassador to many other countries. He is respected both in his country and internationally as an honest, patriotic, and elder statesman, as well as a political leader.



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