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Why Traditional Chinese Philosophy Still Matters: The Relevance of Ancient Wisdom for the Global Age

Gu, Ming Dong (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)

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Publication date:
19 February 2018

Table of contents: 

Introduction: Why Traditional Chinese Philosophy Still Matters? Part I: Relevance of Confucian Ethics for Our Time 1 Confucian Role Ethics, Roger T. Ames 2 A Theory of Truthfulness (Cheng) in Confucian Four Books, Chung-ying Cheng 3 Confucian Eco-Ethics on Human-Nature Relationship, Xinzhong Yao 4 Is Moral Luck Really an Oxymoron (or Paradox)?, Yong Huang Part II: Mutual Empowerment of Chinese and Western Thought 5 Valuing Dramatic Virtuosity, Peter Hershock 6 Translatability, Strangification and Common Intelligibility, Vincent Shen 7 Reading Matters, On-cho Ng 8 Spontaneity and Reflection, Richard Shusterman Part III: Modern Illuminations of Ancient Wisdom 9 Chinese Philosophy's Hybrid Identity, John Makeham 10 'Un-knowing' as a Way of Thinking about Chinese Philosophy, Carine Defoort 11 Why the Yijing (Classic of Changes) Matters in an Age of Globalization, Richard J. Smith 12 Understanding Zen/Chan in the Context of Globalization, Ming Dong Gu 13 Afterword: Comments and Reflections by An `Outsider', J. Hillis Miller


Ming Dong Gu is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Dallas. His recent publications include Sinologism: An Alternative to Orientalism and Post-colonialism (2013) and Translating China for Western Readers: Reflective, Critical, Practical Essays (editor, 2015).



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