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Women and the Periodical Press in China's Long Twentieth Century: A Space of their Own?

Hockx, Michel
Judge, Joan
Mittler, Barbara

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Publication date:
30 April 2018

Short description: 

A major illustrated collection offering a fresh interdisciplinary reading of Chinese women's periodicals and history in the long twentieth century.

Full description: 

In this major new collection, an international team of scholars examine the relationship between the Chinese women's periodical press and global modernity in the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The essays in this richly illustrated volume probe the ramifications for women of two monumental developments in this period: the intensification of China's encounters with foreign powers and a media transformation comparable in its impact to the current internet age. The book offers a distinctive methodology for studying the periodical press, which is supported by the development of a bilingual database of early Chinese periodicals. Throughout the study, essays on China are punctuated by transdisciplinary reflections from scholars working on periodicals outside of the Chinese context, encouraging readers to rethink common stereotypes about lived womanhood in modern China, and to reconsider the nature of Chinese modernity in a global context.

Table of contents: 

Introduction: women's journals as multigeneric artefacts Joan Judge, Barbara Mittler and Michel Hockx; Part I. Methodologies: Framing, Constituting, and Regulating the Space of the Woman's Journal: 1. Persuading with pictures: cover art and The Ladies' Journal (1915-1931) Julia F. Andrews; 2. Engendering a journal: editors and nudes in petite and its global context Liying Sun; 3. Raising eyebrows: the journal Eyebrow Talk and the regulation of 'harmful fiction' in modern China Michel Hockx; Coda: women's journals through the prism of late Qing fiction Ellen Widmer; Part II. A Space of Their Own: The Woman's Journal, Generic Choice and the Making of Female Public Expression: Reflection: writers and readers: constituting the space of women's journals Jennifer Scanlon; 4. Radicalizing poetics: poetic practice in Women's World, 1904-1907 Grace Fong; 5. Redefining female talent: The Women's Eastern Times, The Ladies' Journal, and the development of 'women's art' in China Doris Sung; 6. Constituting the female subject: romantic fiction by women authors in Eyebrow Talk Jin-Zhu Huang; 7. Rebellious yet constrained: dissenting women's views on love and sexual morality in The Ladies' Journal and New Woman Rachel Hsu; 8. Voices of female educators in early twentieth-century women's magazines Siao-chen Hu; 9. 'Room for improvement': the ideal of the educational home in The Ladies' Journal Maria af Sandeberg; Part III. Gendered Space and Global Context: Foreign Models, Circulating Concepts and the Constitution of Female Subjectivities: Reflection lived and idealized self and other on the pages of the women's magazine Nathalie Cooke and Jennifer Garland; 10. Competing conceptualizations of Guo (country, state, and/or nation-state) in late Qing women's journals Nanxiu Qian; 11. Western heroines in late Qing women's journals: Meiji-Era writings on 'women's self-help' in China Xia Xiaohong; 12. Foreign knowledge of bodies: Japanese sources, western science, and China's republican lady Joan Judge; 13. 'Othering' the foreign other in Chinese women's magazines in the early twentieth century Paul Bailey; 14. The new (wo)man and her/his others: foreigners on the pages of China's women's magazines Barbara Mittler; Conclusion: a space of their own? Concluding reflections Harriet Evans.




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