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Women Warriors in Southeast Asia

Rettig, Tobias (Singapore Management University)
Lanzona, Vina A. (University of Hawai`i-Manoa, USA.)

978 1 138 82935 0
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Publication date:
30 August 2018

Full description: 

Based on multidisciplinary perspectives, this book brings together a wide range of case studies covering women as agents of violence in periods of armed conflict in Southeast Asia. It discusses why these women were active in a domain traditionally preserved for men, and how it arguably transgressed peacetime gender boundaries. Using a number of different sources, including epigraphs, royal chronicles, diaries, memoirs and interviews, the book looks at Southeast Asian woman in both ancient and modern times, and in a variety of roles, such as palace guards, guerrillas and war leaders. It questions what drove women to take on these roles, as well as to what extent were their experiences different to those of men. The book then goes on to examine how the women re-integrated into post-conflict societies. Written by an international team of scholars, the book will be of interest to scholars working on Southeast Asian Studies, Gender Studies and War and Conflict Studies.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction: Women Warriors, Palace Guards, and Revolutionaries in a Region with Relative Gender Equality: Southeast Asian Exceptionalism? Vina A. Lanzona Part 1: Women Warriors in Ancient and Early Modern Southeast Asia 2. Querulous Queens, Bellicose Brai: Cambodian Perspectives toward Female Agency Trude Jacobsen 3. The Regio Femarum and its Warrior Women: Images and Encounters in European Sources Christina Skott 4. Javanese `Geisha' Warriors? The Incomparable prajurit estri Ann Kumar Part 2: Southeast Asian Women Warriors and Revolutionaries in the Modern Period 5. Heroines, Forgotten, and Silenced Fighters: Insights into Women Combatants' History in Aceh Elsa Clave-Celik 6. The Rani of Jhansi Regiment (1943-45) of the Indian National Army: `Mere Show', Daily Realities, and Experiment for Post-Independence India and Southeast Asia Tobias Rettig 7. Three Women Guerrillas of the Communist Party of Malaya: Nationalist Struggle with an Internationalist Experience Agnes Khoo 8. `Minority Women' and the Vietnam War on the Lao-Vietnamese Border: Personal Narrative and War Experience Vatthana Pholsena 9. Love and Sex in Times of War and Revolution: Women Warriors in Vietnam and the Philippines Vina A. Lanzona 10. The Aftermath for Women Warriors: Cambodia and East Timor Susan Blackburn 11. Brave Warriors, Unfinished Revolutions: Political Subjectivities of Women Ex-Falintil and Falintil-FDTL Combatants in East Timor Jacqueline Siapno 12. Rethinking the Historical Place of `Warrior Women' in Southeast Asia Barbara Watson Andaya


Tobias Rettig is Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian Studies in the School of Social Sciences at the Singapore Management University. Vina Lanzona is Associate Professor of History and Director of the Center for Philippine Studies at the University of Hawai`i-Manoa, USA.



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