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South East Asia

Everyday Political Economy of Southeast Asia, The

Elias, Juanita (University of Warwick)
Rethel, Lena (University of Warwick)

978 1 107 55883 0
Publication date:
8 March 2018

Half Century Among the Siamese and the Lao, A: An Autobiography

McGilvary, Daniel
Bradley, Cornelius Beach

978 1 378 94473 8
Publication date:
2 March 2018

Modern Anthropology of South-East Asia, The: An Introduction

King, Victor (University of Leeds, UK)

978 0 415 58056 4
Publication date:
1 March 2018

Khe Sanh: Siege in the Clouds, An Oral History

Hammel, ,Eric

978 1 61200 590 4
Publication date:
28 February 2018


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